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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

10" Electronic Astro Boy

The Astro Boy movie toys continue to pile in my room. This time, we're looking at the 10" Electronic Astro Boy from Jazwares.

The box is similar to the case the 3.75" scale figure I reviewed before came in. Only with more electronic images in the back rather than clouds. Perhaps to compliment the face that this figure is in fact electronic

The back of the box shows everything the toy can do and what other toys are out

Here's the toy out of the box. The paint is great. It's clean, and crisp with little to no flaws. First problem I found once getting the toy out of the box was that the arm cannons he had on slid off far too easily. Then I had a heck of a time getting these fists in and even when I got them on, I was unable to get them in all the way. Jazwares seems to have a hard time with these interchanging pieces if you remember from my previous toy review.

His poseability isn't anything wowing. The only things that move are his head, his arms, and his wrists. That's it. But you're not buying this for the posebility, you're buying this for the lights and sound. Which I will get to next
When you see the toy in the box, you can try out the sounds and they play out like this

But what I realized when getting this out of the box was this

Yep, we've got an on/off switch. What we got in the box was merely a sample of what this toy can do.

Pressing the center button will do this

With the arm cannon attachments, the left button does this.

And with the rocket feet attachments, the right button will do this
But, when you press any of the buttons and for any reason suddenly want the sounds to stop, press the button again and they stop. I think this is a good feature. Especially if you're like me and would accidentally press a button while struggling to remove one of his hands or feet.
All in all, despite the flaws, this is a pretty decent toy. If you've got an Astro Boy fan in the family, this could make for a decent gift. Especially if it's a young fan.
All I need now is an Astro Boy figure that reveals butt guns when you bend him over and my life will be complete!


Monday, November 09, 2009

Jazware's Astro Boy

I've often said that American toy companies can't make decent Astro Boy action figures. So when someone actually did them right, I had to buy one in support. And so I did

Jazwares has released a 3.75" toy line based on the new movie, (which was awesome! Go see it) and this was the one I started with. Though just titled "Astro Boy" on the case, most fans refer to this figure as "Traditional Astro Boy" since it's the one that looks as he does in the Manga and Animes.

The packaging on this is nice. Simple, to the point, and the clouds are very relaxing XD On the back are the rest of the figures available. They all look pretty decent though if you have the Traditional Astro Boy, there's no serious reason to get the other variants unless you really like Astro's Arena look.
Once out of the package though, a serious design flaw was discovered. The main feature on this figure is that you can switch from his regular and rocket feet but the rocket feet are in so tight, that they're really hard to get out. I ended up getting some boiled water from my coffee machine and using that to soften the plastic.

Once I did that, they popped right out but how many little kids that they're marketing to with these are going to think to do that? I know I wouldn't have when I was eight.

Once that was over, he was ready for some posing. Not much to say about the poseability. It's not bad. All that should be poseable is and what shouldn't be, isn't. You can make some really fun poses with this toy.
What I love best about it though is the face scuplt. A certain previous toy company that's going to remain nameless (coughbandaicough) thought it would be best to give Astro a "tough" look but in doing that, they completely sucked out all of Astro's charm for his face. Jazwares on the other hand, decided to keep Astro's "cute" factor and in doing so made for a much better Astro Boy figure.
So, all in all, aside from an issue with his rocket feet, this is a great figure to own if you're a young or old fan of Astro Boy. Although since it's Jazwares, the only place you can find them is Toys R Us and this was the last one my Toys R Us had so if you don't have one yet, GET IT!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Astro Boy goes to Disney World

After working so long and hard on his new movie, Astro Boy decided he needed a break. So I took him with us on out latest trip to Walt Disney World

On the Greyhound to Florida

They have a section in the lobby where kids can watch cartoons while their parents check in. Astro watches some cartoons here

ESTABLISHING SHOT! This is where we stayed. The Pop Century resort in the 50s section

Once we got checked in, Astro was ready to plop right on the bed


Our first stop was Animal Kingdom. This was actually our very first visit

Astro found some Bongo Drums to play with

Astro at Dino-land USA. It has one of the most EPIC rides ever simply called "Dinosaur."

For some reason, there was a gift shop with Mr. Potato Heads in Animal Kingdom. Ah Well. Made for a good Photo-op

Astro Boy at Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama. This place gets a bad rep but I think it's pretty cool

Astro Boy contemplating if he wants to ride the epicness that is "Expedition Everest." And yes. IT WAS EPIC!!

Before leaving, Astro gets one last look at the Tree of Life. Which yes, is A LOT of tree

Back at our hotel, there is a giant Jukebox with (fake) song titles made to sound like 50s songs. Astro finds this one in especially peculiar. (If you don't know, Astro Boy's Japanese name is "Mighty Atom."

Next, Astro Boy attended Mickey's not so Scary Halloween Party. He went as himself.

I meant to take more pictures of him at the Magic Kingdom but we actually forgot 'cause we were having such a great time. But here's a nice one

At Downtown Disney, Astro wanted to pose with this Pinocchio statue. He... can kinda feel for him

Our final stop was Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Astro in front of the hat

Astro now at the Chinese Theater AKA The Great movie ride

Astro waiting for the ride to begin. It's a fun ride

Astro in front of Star Tours. Wanted to get one last run on it before it gets closed for it's major renovation

Before going to get our seats for Fantasmic, Astro takes a look at Tower of Terror and contemplates if he wants to ride it... he didn't

We all had a great time. Including Astro Boy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crocodile Ranger Action Man accessory set

I know. I know. It's been far too long since I reviewed a toy. It's also been far too long since I BOUGHT a toy. But I got one today

It's an accessory set for Action Man called "Crocodile Ranger." This is sadly a dying concept in the world of toys. Where you can go out and buy extra stuff for your action figure or doll. The idea is that your figure/doll is a friend that you go out and buy more stuff for. Now parents just think you're ripping them off if you expect them to buy extra stuff. Even Barbie, the fashion doll is having this problem these days. But enough ranting. Let's go back to the toy

The box isn't exactly wowing here. The only thing that makes it stand out is the bright orange color which 90% of Action Man products have. It's probably their answer to how Barbie comes in bright pink. If you were to put all of these Action Man toys in the same place, it would REALLY stand out. Like when you go into a Barbie section and your suddenly blinded by all the pink.

From the back, we get to see the accessories on Action Man and in a natural setting for the outfit. A swamp. Pitty this isn't a playset or something. My god would THAT be epic? The back just shows off all the stuff it comes with.

Actually, there doesn't seem to be any real collectors value in these Action Man toys. I feel like I'm the only one who's actually buying them sometimes.

Now Action Man has his new duds on and packin' his tranquilizer rifle. 'Cause overly PC Action Man has to make sure you know he's not going to kill the crocodile. The outfit is pretty well tailored. Not exactly photo realistic details, but certainly better than what's out now. But there is ONE thing I have to complain about.

This hat. It's... well... there's no polite way to say this. It's a dumb hat! It looks ridiculous on him. It didn't look so bad on the box, but once you actually get it on him, it kinda sucks. So you're never going to see this hat again

Here's the hat I gave him instead. He also comes with a pistol, a knife, and a belt to carry them in. The knife feels a little small for his massive hands, but it's yet to slip out of his hands.

He also has a noose... thing to take hold of the Crocodile with. the Crocodile itself is a nice toy. Decent detail, well sized, but the painting on his tail looks funny. My sister said his tail looks like it's made of Legos and I had to agree but there is one more weapon he has that doesn't make sense to me

He also comes with a Grenade. I don't get this. With the Tranquilizer gun we've established that he does not intend to kill the croc so what's with the grenade? He wants to capture the croc, not blow it up, right? Granted he also has a pistol and knife which could imply he can kill the croc when needed to but nearly every Action Man set comes with a pistol and knife. I think it's standard procedure to give him a pistol and knife. If they made "Mcdonalds drive thru Action Man" i'm sure even HE'D come with a pistol and knife. Though I've been to a few Mcdonalds that look like he couls use those... but back to the Grenade. Why does he have it? I guess the world will never know.

All in all, this is a nice set. I think these Action Man toys get a bad rep for their lack of realism and because they're not as "poseable" as other figures but I like they're simplistic comic book element and this set delivered on that.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Princess Sapphire fan service

Because she DOES have fans. Despite how few and far between we might be -_-
They are all from this