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Monday, October 23, 2006

Vampire Hunter: The game

There's a game that I had been wanting since I first saw ads foir it on TV. It's called Vampire Hunter! In it, you play of course, Vampire Hunter and have to slay the evil Count Dracus before he gets away on his ship. I had seen it several times at Toys 'R' Us, but it was out of my budget. Recently, I found it at KB for 5 bucks! Any game for 5 bucks is a good price, but one with a light up tower makes it a steal.

Here it is in it's box. Cool box. Just look at those kids as they place this game of darkness and sin. As much as I like this game, I can't help but notice how much this box makes the effect so much better than it actually is. Oh well, I guess that's their job.

Here are the characters you play. Two guys, and two girls. The guys kinda look like a cross between Van Helsing and Indiana Jones.

Here's the board and the tower. Looks scary, doesn't it? The basic gimmick of this game is that you turn off all the lights, and then turn on the tower. When the light is red, it's day, when it's blue, it's night.

Different things come at night. Like these tiles for instance. During the day, they're tombstones, a villager, and fog. But at night, they're a zombie, a werewolf, and a vampire! the board changes too. Spaces that are perfectly safe during the day, become traps at night. Sorry, I tried to take pictures, but it didn't work.

As you fight off monsters, you also have to find these three weapons. Then find Count Dracus at the end of the board and stake him good!

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Oh, by the way, you gotta do all this before the boat reaches Count Dracus, or the count escapes and you're titled as the guy who let Count Dracus escape and taunted and insulted for the rest of your life! Okay, maybe not, but you do lose the game. Looks like a cool game, doesn't it? Sadly though, I don't think it did very well if KB was selling it for five bucks but i'm not complaining. I proboly wouldn't have it right now if it wasn't. I recommend it for anyone into vampires or like to play games in the dark. No, not those games.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Why Sally is naked

Sally finnally reveals why she hardly wears any clothes

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