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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Astro Boy goes to Disney World

After working so long and hard on his new movie, Astro Boy decided he needed a break. So I took him with us on out latest trip to Walt Disney World

On the Greyhound to Florida

They have a section in the lobby where kids can watch cartoons while their parents check in. Astro watches some cartoons here

ESTABLISHING SHOT! This is where we stayed. The Pop Century resort in the 50s section

Once we got checked in, Astro was ready to plop right on the bed


Our first stop was Animal Kingdom. This was actually our very first visit

Astro found some Bongo Drums to play with

Astro at Dino-land USA. It has one of the most EPIC rides ever simply called "Dinosaur."

For some reason, there was a gift shop with Mr. Potato Heads in Animal Kingdom. Ah Well. Made for a good Photo-op

Astro Boy at Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama. This place gets a bad rep but I think it's pretty cool

Astro Boy contemplating if he wants to ride the epicness that is "Expedition Everest." And yes. IT WAS EPIC!!

Before leaving, Astro gets one last look at the Tree of Life. Which yes, is A LOT of tree

Back at our hotel, there is a giant Jukebox with (fake) song titles made to sound like 50s songs. Astro finds this one in especially peculiar. (If you don't know, Astro Boy's Japanese name is "Mighty Atom."

Next, Astro Boy attended Mickey's not so Scary Halloween Party. He went as himself.

I meant to take more pictures of him at the Magic Kingdom but we actually forgot 'cause we were having such a great time. But here's a nice one

At Downtown Disney, Astro wanted to pose with this Pinocchio statue. He... can kinda feel for him

Our final stop was Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Astro in front of the hat

Astro now at the Chinese Theater AKA The Great movie ride

Astro waiting for the ride to begin. It's a fun ride

Astro in front of Star Tours. Wanted to get one last run on it before it gets closed for it's major renovation

Before going to get our seats for Fantasmic, Astro takes a look at Tower of Terror and contemplates if he wants to ride it... he didn't

We all had a great time. Including Astro Boy!