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Monday, January 28, 2008

mediocre but fun

today i'm dedicating my blog to video games. But not just any video games. Video games that are mediocre. Yeah, you read that right. Mediocre. These are the games that don't change the way we play, don't get 5 stars on X-Play, and I was certainly glad that I didn't pay the full 40 bucks for, but I'll be damned if they weren't the least bit entertaining.
First up is Astro Boy. Now, maybe it's because i'm a bit of a sucker for video games with my favorite cartoon characters in them, but I enjoyed the Astro Boy video game. Yeah, the GBA version runs circles around it (which just further proves that Sonic Team can only seem to make 2-D side-scrollers work) and the side missions sucked, but the fights were fun and the bosses were awesome.
It's also really pretty to look at with its bright and broad colors, and cartoony details. Also, I only got it for 9 bucks. On top of that, how many video games let you run around in your underwear and still be called a family game?
Next up is Superman Returns. Yeah, this is no where near the end all be all Superman game EA promised us, but when I only paid 12 bucks for it, I didn't care. I'M SUPERMAN, BITCH! The worst thing I could say about it was it's repetition. It's just fly around, fly around, find robots/monsters, beat 'em up, hear the crowd cheer, fly away, repeat. That and a tornado does not a good final boss make.
But any game where you can pick up the Daily Planet display or giant hamburger displays and throw them at giant robots is entertaining for me
Finally is Justice League Heroes. In this Gaunlet style beat-em up, you play as well, the JL and fight through an army of villians ranging from Gorrila Grod, Brainiac, and the big babass himself, DARKSEID!
With a story written by real comic book writers, simplictic arcade like fighting system, an RPG like level up feature, this game may not be all wowing, but it's fun. Especially since I got it for Christmas so I didn't pay anything for it. You can even collect JLA points to use to unlock new outfits for the characters and even extra characters. (Aquaman is the cheapest character. No respect for Aquaman)
So there you have it. Proof positive that I am a simple man that can be easily entertained. I'm probably the kind of guy hardcore gamers can't stand because i'm buying those mediocre games they hate for not being the next Halo. Well, maybe not considering that I don't buy them at full price, thus not funding the people that made the mediocre games. Either way, I got cheap games and I like 'em

Friday, January 18, 2008

Astroboy sells out

As a big Astroboy fan, you can only imagine my suprise when I saw this

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dang, now I want to buy a car XD