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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hasbro's Indiana Jones action figure

After long last, Indiana Jones finally has a cool action figure line and yesterday, I finally picked up a figure from it.

What better way to start my Indy collection than with Indy? Here he is in his case. I like the case design. It really says INDIANA JONES to me.

Out of his box, he looks awrsome. The details on his sculpt are excellent. Even if at certain angles, his hat looks a little too big for his head. His face is a semi decent like-ness. Especially when you consider that Harrison Ford's likeness has never exactly been easy to capture.
As you can see from this picture, Indy comes with his trademark whip. Only problem with it is that if you try any whipping action, it kinda slips off wayt too easily.

He also comes with a pistol, and the infamous Crystal Skull. What I found interesting though is how he doesn't just come with the skull. Instead, he comes with two interchangable hands. One empty, and another with the skull molded onto him.

I guess those russian soldiers won't be able to take the skull from him after all

Each figure seems to come with a "Hidden Relic" wrapped in a box labeled "top Secret." Guess it was being looked at by "Top Men." Let's see what we got inside it

Inside the box is a gem and a small card with the gem's name

We have uncovered the "Eye of the Peacock." Yeah, the concept is a little gimmicky, but I like it.

Also, the figure stand at the 3.75" scale. Which could lead to some amusing crossovers.
So, all in all, Hasbro made a good action figure. I think kids AND collectors can get something out of this figure so if you don't have it yet, or are only interested in the 12" Indy figures (Which all of you must be 'cause I can't find any!!) then give this figure a shot.

"Cobras. I hate these guys."