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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Deluxe Elizabeth Swan figure

Warning, this review may contain spoilers of POTC: At world's end. If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to skip this review

Now then, I think Yogurt the wise put it best when he said "Merchandising, where the REAL money from the movie is made." And unless you've been under a rock the past few years, you've no doubt noticed Disney's newest and quite possibly biggest cash cow, Pirates of the Caribbean. It's no surprise that due to the popularity of these movies based on the classic Disney ride, that toys would spring up for them. With two of my biggest interests in childhood (Disney and action figures) coming together, it was only natural that I'd just at this. My newest addition to my young POTC toy collect is the deluxe Elizabeth Swan set from the "At World's end" line.

Here she is in her box. It's the standard red package with the Pirates skull on the side and ship on the bottom. It's more vibrant and noticeable than the brown scheme the "Dead man's chest" line had, but mind you, the red package thing's been done.

Alright, before I continue my review, there's something I must get off my back.

Okay, I feel better now.

Out of the case, Elizabeth is excellently sculpted. Her outfit looks just like it does in the film, and her face is much prettier than the "Dead Man's Chest" version of her. Her um... chest size is more... realistic here than on the "Dead Man's Chest" version too. Yeah, I know 'Liz has a nice rack and all, but they were awfully optimistic on that other figure.

Her poseability is of the basic POTC toy. While not as poseable as a basic GI Joe, she IS more poseable than a basic Star Wars figure.

Elizabeth comes with three (count 'em three) swords. I like the two on the left best personally. They look more like the kind of swords a Singapore Pirate king would carry while the one on the right looks more like a standard pirate cutlass. I guess they figured each figure should come with one.

'Liz also comes with a globe. The globe has a kinda cool feature on it. When you put one of her swords in one of the many slots on the globe, it lights up. But it has to be the RIGHT slot.

OH YEAH! I'M GONNA BE KING OF THE PIRATES! Oh, wait. I made that joke already.

If you're a fan of the POTC movies and toy line, the deluxe Elizabeth Swan will make a nice addition to your collection.