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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Dark Knight Joker and Two-Face

Yeah, I know. I took too long in updating my blog... again... I guess people with short attention spans and ADD shouldn't write blogs. But here I am to review two figures from Mattel's "The Dark Knight" line. Two-Face and The Joker.

This is the box he came in. I got him in a two pack set from Wal-Mart. Only 5 bucks. Sweet, right? But the first thing I want to get off the ground is that we are ignoring the figure that came with The Joker. Because no Batsuit should ever do THIS!

Yeah, THAT'S gonna strike terror in the hearts of criminals.

We'll start off with the unstoppable force to your immovable object. The Joker!

The Joker stands at about 5". Yeah, the head sculpt doesn't do Heath Ledger justice. (god rest his soul) Not to mention, the figure's articulation is lacking but it's a movie figure and I've come to expect that movie figures will always lack in articulation. That's just how it works. They aren't really making these for adult collectors, but for kids and kids don't ask for quit as much in action figures.

Something else that screams "kids toy" on this is the accessory. Remember when The Joker said that he didn't like to use guns because they're "too quick?" Well, Mattel didn't because they gave him a big ass gun! (Although, to be fair. He DOES use a rocket launcher at some point in the movie) even in the movie, it didn't shoot this

Yeah, I could see Jack Nicholson's Joker carrying one of these, but certainly not Heath Ledgers. The good thing is, this rocket launcher has great mileage and when it hits it's target, (providing the target is of the same scale as The Joker) you can be sure the target gets knocked down.
So, overall, there ARE better Heath Ledger Jokers out there, but not at Wal-Mart's five dollar range. This is good for kids (and for big kids like myself) but if you're a serious collector, chances are you won't be interested
Next up is Two-Face from the same Dark Knight line.

Two-Face stands at about 5" as well, and where The Joker was sold short in his sculpt, Two-Face really shines.

The likeness to Aaron Eckhart is excellent, and the disfigured half of his face has great detail. As does the burned up half of his coat. Though I don't remember his hand getting burned and disfigured in the movie too. The articulation is pretty much the same as The Joker's though. But the figure is still fun to play with.
Aside from his "I believe in Harvey Dent" card, Two-Face only comes with a coin with a button that when pressed, spikes come out. Yeah, Two-Face actually got a worse accessory than The Joker. But overall, The Two-Face figure is really good. Especially in his sculpt