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Monday, November 09, 2009

Jazware's Astro Boy

I've often said that American toy companies can't make decent Astro Boy action figures. So when someone actually did them right, I had to buy one in support. And so I did

Jazwares has released a 3.75" toy line based on the new movie, (which was awesome! Go see it) and this was the one I started with. Though just titled "Astro Boy" on the case, most fans refer to this figure as "Traditional Astro Boy" since it's the one that looks as he does in the Manga and Animes.

The packaging on this is nice. Simple, to the point, and the clouds are very relaxing XD On the back are the rest of the figures available. They all look pretty decent though if you have the Traditional Astro Boy, there's no serious reason to get the other variants unless you really like Astro's Arena look.
Once out of the package though, a serious design flaw was discovered. The main feature on this figure is that you can switch from his regular and rocket feet but the rocket feet are in so tight, that they're really hard to get out. I ended up getting some boiled water from my coffee machine and using that to soften the plastic.

Once I did that, they popped right out but how many little kids that they're marketing to with these are going to think to do that? I know I wouldn't have when I was eight.

Once that was over, he was ready for some posing. Not much to say about the poseability. It's not bad. All that should be poseable is and what shouldn't be, isn't. You can make some really fun poses with this toy.
What I love best about it though is the face scuplt. A certain previous toy company that's going to remain nameless (coughbandaicough) thought it would be best to give Astro a "tough" look but in doing that, they completely sucked out all of Astro's charm for his face. Jazwares on the other hand, decided to keep Astro's "cute" factor and in doing so made for a much better Astro Boy figure.
So, all in all, aside from an issue with his rocket feet, this is a great figure to own if you're a young or old fan of Astro Boy. Although since it's Jazwares, the only place you can find them is Toys R Us and this was the last one my Toys R Us had so if you don't have one yet, GET IT!


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