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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

10" Electronic Astro Boy

The Astro Boy movie toys continue to pile in my room. This time, we're looking at the 10" Electronic Astro Boy from Jazwares.

The box is similar to the case the 3.75" scale figure I reviewed before came in. Only with more electronic images in the back rather than clouds. Perhaps to compliment the face that this figure is in fact electronic

The back of the box shows everything the toy can do and what other toys are out

Here's the toy out of the box. The paint is great. It's clean, and crisp with little to no flaws. First problem I found once getting the toy out of the box was that the arm cannons he had on slid off far too easily. Then I had a heck of a time getting these fists in and even when I got them on, I was unable to get them in all the way. Jazwares seems to have a hard time with these interchanging pieces if you remember from my previous toy review.

His poseability isn't anything wowing. The only things that move are his head, his arms, and his wrists. That's it. But you're not buying this for the posebility, you're buying this for the lights and sound. Which I will get to next
When you see the toy in the box, you can try out the sounds and they play out like this

But what I realized when getting this out of the box was this

Yep, we've got an on/off switch. What we got in the box was merely a sample of what this toy can do.

Pressing the center button will do this

With the arm cannon attachments, the left button does this.

And with the rocket feet attachments, the right button will do this
But, when you press any of the buttons and for any reason suddenly want the sounds to stop, press the button again and they stop. I think this is a good feature. Especially if you're like me and would accidentally press a button while struggling to remove one of his hands or feet.
All in all, despite the flaws, this is a pretty decent toy. If you've got an Astro Boy fan in the family, this could make for a decent gift. Especially if it's a young fan.
All I need now is an Astro Boy figure that reveals butt guns when you bend him over and my life will be complete!



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